Traveling might be costly for your budget but there are some ways to save money and not starve while traveling.

If you have a small budget, always plan ahead do a research before you go, find restaurants that you can eat good quality food without you paying much for it. You also have to be flexible as well, going to a foreign country you always want to eat on their most prestigious restaurants but come on now be more realistic you don’t want to swim your way home be more flexible and learn to eat on low-end restaurants. Pack snacks in your bag traveling make you hungry and force you to spend to buy food, pack some snacks before you go this can help you save as well.

If the place you are staying offers free breakfast, eat wisely, pick foods that can make you feel full for a long period of time do some carbs and sugary foods. Avoid ordering room service foods these are too expensive, try to find a restaurant outside the hotel instead or small stores that offer quality food that your budget can handle.